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Use markdown extra for styled buttons

To add markdown extra on a per page basis, add the following to your page header:

  extra: true

All button styles require an additional class to be added. This is done with markdown extra by appending the class in curly brackets directly after the markdown link code. Consecutive style classes should be separated with a space.

[Title](link){.class .otherclass}

Use browser developer tools to see the styles of the buttons show here.

Primary Color Secondary Color Success Alert Warning Disabled

Primary Color Secondary Color Success Alert Warning

Tiny Small Standard Large

Expanded Button


First Block

This is the first column in the set

Second Block

This is the second column in the set

Third Block

This is the third column in the set

Fourth Block

This is the fourth column in the set

Fifth Block

This is the fifth column in the set

Sixth Block

This is the sixth column in the set

Seventh Block

This is the seventh column in the set

Eigth Block

This is the eigth column in the set

Ninth Block

This is the ninth column in the set